About us


With Team Unison, we are paving the way to a future
where all people can feel secure and happy

Nomura Unison group
Representative Minoru Nomura

Our companies’ group has started the operation as Nomura Die-casting Kogyo Co., Ltd in 1954 and afterwards has grown up with the original technologies during various environmental changes based on the principle that we want to make “things useful to society” and “things to make people happy” as our business.

We have harmonized new technologies such as FA related apparatus or industrial robots with our traditional technologies such as mold, forging and die-casting and established our position as an industrial related general maker which is globally active and meet customers’ expectation.

We also zimplement various business operations to support people’s rich lives, such as global sale of machine tools and the related apparatus, the production and sale of FA related apparatu s in Taiwan and management of a winery in France ,import and wholesale of foreign liquors. Nomura Unison gr oup wil implement the activities,with all one’s energy< posted in our management philosophy “Harmonize with society, people and environment and contribute to society with all employee’s cooperation” in order to realize sustainable society and establish the environment that people can feel ease and happiness. So, your continuous support is very much appreciated.

Basic management policy

  1. Keep providing the markets with competitive products by giving priority to enhancement of customer satisfaction and product-quality.
  2. Build a corporate culture to maximize individual employee’s creativity and teamwork spirit.
  3. Harmonize with the community, residents and environment to contribute to society through the cooperation by all company employees.
  4. Nomura group wants to be a group in which all the employees challenge to establish the better future by utilizing original technologies.

Our Spirit

All the employees and the teamwork pursuing the dreams with vitality and wellness are the resource for all the corporate activities.
Human resource can become assets by being consistently brushed up and educated.
Achieve consistent self-reformation, contribute single-mindedly to society and create vigorous tomorrow. That is for all the human beings and ourselves.

Our Mission

We accomplish “responding products” and “realizing services” for sharing ease and pleasure with you.

Our Core Value

Technologies leading to the futureQuality exceeding the expectation

Our Motto

Challenge by oneself and accomplish it with enthusiasm.Respect and discuss with partner.Deliver consideration and appreciation.Be honest.Pursue quality.

NU Vision 2023

We will become the best problem-solving partner in the world fitted with manufacturing and sales system in which world demands have been searched and taken in advance.