Medical device

Product & Contracted development

We take on the challenge of medical equipment needs


As a Type II manufacturing and sales company and a manufacturing company (design and principal assembly), we provide services ranging from the manufacture and sale of medical devices to the development and contract manufacturing of medical devices and the automation of medical device manufacturing processes.
With customer support based on a hands-on approach, we take on the challenge of meeting all medical device needs, from surgical instruments to ME equipment.


Suitable for various business schemes

・Contract range: Elemental development, product development, mass production
・Type of business: Manufacturing and sales, manufacturing (design, main assembly, final product storage), subcontractors (development, design, parts)

Flexible development system

・Mechatronics design team
・A surgical instrument development team that knows the medical field
・Experienced medical device development network

Manufacturing system that produces high quality products

・Experienced and diverse in-house manufacturing system
・Utilization of Nagano Prefecture and the Suwa area as a technology cluster

Practice-based customer support

・Specific proposals on how to proceed according to the client’s situation
・Provide opportunities for medical site evaluation based on our connections with university medical faculties and major hospitals
・Support for new companies and ventures to acquire qualification in the shortest possible time

Product examples

REVOLD-HS:Needle holder

Needle-holder Notification number:20B2X10022000001

The Slider handle allows opening, closing, locking, and rotating of the pinching part at tip.

Shape of the pinching part, length of the support shaft, and size of the grip can be selected.

Basic Specifications
External dimensions W20 × H65 × D120〜189mm(D:excluding the grip)
Weight Approx. 50g
Material Stainless steel, PEEK

DT hood:Single-use endoscopic nonactive instrument for natural opening


Non-medical devices


LFM Trainer
(Loop-Forming Method Trainer)

A tool to learn basic endoscope operations
・Enables the acquisition of basic operations of flexible video endoscopes, such as axial rotation and angle knob operation.
・Tasks for inverted biopsy, esophageal EIS, and esophageal ESD
・Low price for the purpose of popularization



Used to set the pressure transducer at the same height as the patient’s heart when using the blood pressure monitoring device in the operating room or ICU. The laser light emitted by the switch is used as a guide to adjust the level.



Factory automation & Robots

Metal working

Forging & Die-casting


Wine & Liquor Wholesales


Products & contracted development