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Quality policy

Company Profile

Head quarters

650 Chino, Chino-city, Nagano-ken, Japan

TEL:+81-266-72-6151 / FAX:+81-266-73-6559

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November, 1954
50 million yen
Annual turnover:

13.1 billion yen (as of the end of May 2022)

Number of employees:
Chairman Minoru Nomura
President Takaki Nomura
Senior managing director Toshihiro Miyasaka
Managing Director Hideki Takahashi
Managing Director Mizuo Koizumi
Auditor Hiroaki Akahane
Operating officer

Toshihiro Moriya

Yoshimitsu Kojima

Hideki Yamada

Satoshi Maruyama

Business contents
  • ・FA equipment design and manufacturing (LCD/semiconductor/solar battery/automotive, etc.)
  • ・Development and manufacturing of industrial and life-support robots
  • ・Design and manufacturing of various dies
  • ・Precision hot hollow forging
  • ・Various die casting
  • ・Fluid control
  • ・Drive equipment
  • ・Various sheet metal and welding processing
  • ・Design and manufacture of environment equipment
  • ・Medical equipment
  • ・Self-developed products
  • ・Sales of imported liquor

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.

The Hachijuni Bank, Ltd.

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.



・Kohigashi Factory

6066 Kohigashi, Chino-city, Nagano, Japan

TEL:+81-266-78-2702 / FAX:+81-266-78-2834

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・Suwaminami Factory

3410-1 Kanazawa, Chino-city, Nagano, Japan

TEL:+81-266-71-1055 / FAX:+81-266-71-1055

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・Yatsugatake Factory

9800-6 Miyagawa-daietsu, Chino-city, Nagano, Japan

TEL:+81-266-73-0806 / FAX:+81-266-73-0805

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・Suwa Factory

2975-1 Shiga, Suwa-city, Nagano, Japan

TEL:+81-266-54-3855 / FAX:+81-266-54-3805

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・La Cave de Unison(Alcoholic beverages business)

625-1 Chino, Chino-city, Nagano, Japan

TEL:+81-266-72-5790 / FAX:+81-266-72-9818

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・Tokyo office(Alcoholic beverages business)

Ginza-building 7F, 1-10-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEL:+81-3-3538-6502 / FAX:+81-3-3538-7855

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・China office



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Group Profile

NANSIN Kiko Co., Ltd


Head office: 628 Chino, Chino-city, ngano-ken

Phone:+81-266-72-6155 Fax:+81-266-73-5394



April, 1964.


48 million yen

Annual turnover

10.3 billion yen

Number of employees



Director and counselor Minoru Nomura
Representative director and chairman Kaoru Takezawa
Representative director and president Masashi Fujimori
Company director Hiroyuki Tsukioka
Auditor Masaki Kamiya

Operating officer

Fumitoshi Kobayashi

Business outline

Machine / Tools division
NC machine tool, general purpose machine tool, general industrial machinery, various simple purpose machine, FA system, forging pressure machine, labor saving machine, pneumatic and oil pressure machine, cutting tool, measuring tool, working tool, various jig and various peripheral equipment for factory
Division for equipment, pipe material and apparatus
Environment related apparatus, equipment and peripheral various apparatus, various valve and pipe material, facility construction for fire-fighting and disaster prevention
Information system division
Computer HW, SW and peripheral equipment
Material division
Non-ferrous metal material and packaging material

Nomura Corporation of Taiwan


Head office: NO.2, WEI 4TH RD., WUQI DIST., TAICHUNG CITY 43541, TAIWAN(R.O.C.)

TEL:+886-4-2659-5007 /FAX:+886-4-2659-5006



February 1987


238 million yen


Top Advisors. Minoru Nomura
President Takaki Nomura
Vice President Toshihiro Miyasaka
Managing Director Mizuo Koizumi
General Manager Hideki Imai
Vice General Manager LIN, HSIEN-KUAN
Auditor. Hiroaki Akahane

Business outline

Equipment manufacturing for FPD, Semiconductor / Various specialized machines manufacturing / Transfer equipment manufacturing / Precision parts processing / Precision sheet metal parts processing / Installation and maintenance

Domaine de la senechaliere


La sénéchalière, 23 Route de Goulaine 44450

Saint Julien de Concelles, France




Aug. 2008


1,205,490 Euro


President-Director Minoru Nomura
Vice-President Takaki Nomura
Senior-Managing-Director Toshihiro Miyasaka
Advisor Yoshio Ito
Advisor Tetsuki Takezawa

Business outline

L’exploitation de vigne et la production du vin et la commercialisation du vin Tous les conseilles et donner des informations et des renseignements

History of Nomura

Nov. 1954

The former chairman (the late Mr. Chifuru Nomura) established Nomura Die-casting Co., Ltd in Suwa city and started the operation of die-casting of zinc and aluminum and manufacturing of die and mold.

Dec. 1966

Reorganized the operational divisions as Nomura Kogyo Co., Ltd.Established a division of forging brass and started manufacturing & supplying to valve forging division of Kitazawa Valve Co., Ltd (present KITZ Corporation).

May. 1968

Nomura Kogyo Co., Ltd concluded exclusive agreement with SuwaSeikosha Co., Ltd and started manufacturing special- purpos machinery and tools for watch production.

Nov. 1968

Nomura Kogyo Co., Ltd established SN Seiki Co., Ltd separated from die and mold division and concluded exclusive agreement with machinery division of Suwa Seikosha Co., Ltd and started manufacturing special-purpose machinery and equipments.

Oct. 1970

Concluded agreement with Kitazawa Valve Co., Ltd (present KITZCorporation) as supply center of tools.

May. 1972

Developed pneumatic actuator. Applied patents of valve shaft drive type switchgear, circle cylinder, electro-motion actuator and cam type actuator.

Aug. 1972

SN Seiki Co., Ltd started manufacturing of actuator. Developed automatic measuring system and started the sales.

Jan. 1973

SN Seiki Co., Ltd developed rotary actuator and applied patent.

Jun. 1973

Designated as an excellent declaration company by Suwa tax office. (continuing even today)

Apr. 1974

Separated press molding of watch case for Tenryu Kogyo Co., Ltd from forging division and established case division and started manufacturing of die/mold and press molding.

Mar. 1981

Constructed Kohigashi plant and established integrated manufacture line from die casting material to powder coated finished part for valve handle and started the production.

Feb. 1987

Established Nomura Corporation of Taiwan in Kaohshiung of Taiwan and started manufacturing Butterfly valve.

Mar. 1988

Established Wine Co., Ltd.

May. 1992

Developed power saving unit for prevention of water pipe freezing (“Setsuden taro”) and applied patent.

Apr. 1993

Purchased Shutendouji Ltd.

Nov. 1993

Completed full automatic forging line.

Apr. 1994

Developed “My flipper”(sandal which can be used for swimming) and applied patent and started sales.

Sep. 1994

Set up injection molding machine and started manufacturing.

Feb. 1995

My flipper (sandal which can be used for swimming) received good design award.

Aug. 1996

Setsuden taro received utility model.

Oct. 2001

Merged Wine Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2003

Opened Shanghai Liaison Office (China).

Sep. 2003

Started the operation of Suwa plant.

Dec. 2004

Started the operation of Suwa-Minami plant.

Jun. 2005

Established Taipei office in Taipei World Trade Center

Jun. 2005

Nomura Kogyo Co., Ltd and SN Seiki Co., Ltd were merged as Nomura Unison Co., Ltd.

Sep. 2005

Established Taichung plant in Taichung (Taiwan).

Jan. 2006

Succeeded INA Wine Division.

Feb. 2007

Succeeded the business of Taotech Co., Ltd.

Aug. 2008

Established a directly- managing winery “Domaine de la Senechaliere” in Loire county of France, which is jointly invested with Oeno Connexion Company in France.

Jul. 2009

Opened “La Cave de Unison” which is a showroom of imported liquors.

Aug. 2013

Established our corporate philosophy which is comprised of “OUR SPRIT”, “OUR CORE VALUE”, “OUR MISSION” and “OUR MOTTO”.

Feb. 2015

Succeeded business of KSP Co., Ltd.

Aug. 2021

Change of President & Representative Director
- Minoru Nomura appointed Chairman and Representative Director of Nomura Unison Co.
- Takaki Nomura appointed President and Representative Director of Nomura Unison Co.
- Kaoru Takezawa appointed Chairman and Representative Director of Nanshin Kiko Co.
- Masashi Fujimori appointed President and Representative Director of Nanshin Kiko Co.

Sep. 2021

Merged with Nomura Medical Devices Co.

Quality Principle

Received certification of ISO9002 in 1997, ISO9001:2000 in 1999, ISO9001:2008 in 2010 and ISO14001:2015 in 2018.
We implement the total quality management system covering from production to sales/service and try to provide the best quality by improving the quality continuously.

We keep principle of customer first and original technologies developing the future so that we realize the quality better than expected and create emotion to all our customers.

We implement the followings to achieve the above matters.

1.We apply and effectively operate the requirements by ISO9001 standard, and conform to customer’s requirements, laws and ordinance to satisfy all the interested persons.

2. We organize quality management system supporting the strategic direction of business which is united with the business process for the Purpose.

3. Quality management system is guided by officers and practiced by all employees so that it is continuously improved.

4. Each division sets quality target and try to achieve the target by implementing actions.

5. We periodically review quality policy and quality target in order to keep the suitability.