Engineering solution

Factory automation & Robots

Total engineering solution from part processing to robot assembly


Total correspondence to large scale equipment, robot MP and small sized module We also flexibly correspond to MP of witch design drawing is supplied, requirement of only designing or only processing. We correspond to all the requirements from part processing to advanced robot assembly in our company, so please utilize our quality control and stable manufacturing system.


It is possible to correspond totally from designing of concept to installation and start up of the equipment

We handle all the tasks in the company, and we can quickly solve the problem by our teamwork.

We nave a plant which can handle a large scale equipment

We have five assembly plants including overseas plant.

We can also handle assembly of FA equipment for which cleanness is required.

It is possible to manufacture equipment at overseas base

We have our own plant in Taiwan and can manufacture at low cost.
There is a resident Japanese worker and speedy correspondence is possible. 
Because we have a bonded factory, tax is not necessary when imported.

Many results in various markets

Because we have many results of designing and manufacturing regarding automobile parts, liquid crystal and semi conductor, we correspond to various requirements.

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Factory automation & Robots

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